Island Time on our Minds

Island Time on our Minds

As we come into spring break season – and even summertime – just around the corner, we can't help but slip into a vacation state of mind here at Cino. Have you noticed our most recent Instagram photos featuring sand, sea and palm trees? Ahhhh... bliss.

Our Cino team, no matter where we are, is always daydreaming about sunny getaways. Whos with us? Are you a travel daydreamer too? Does your mind wander off to sandy beaches on the daily? When you sit by a sunny window, do you close your eyes and let the sun warm your face? If so, welcome! Youre one of us!

We draw our inspiration from the natural beauty of alluring destinations all over the world. Our most recent Instagram photos were influenced by some of the most gorgeous vacation spots in Spain – the Canary Islands. We long too for hot, tropical days of walking along the stunning blue ocean, letting our toes softly sink into the sand. Our latest line of crinkle fabric tops was designed based on the beauty of island life such as what you find in the Maldives and the Canary Islands. The vibrant blues of the Atlantic Ocean inspired our turquoise-colored shits, while the swirling paisley patterns echo the crashing waves on shore. Our coral-colored tops and dresses convey the warm glow of the sun. And our flower prints remind us of the tropical oases we long for.

Island time is our favorite time. Isnt it nice when you can put down your smart phone, stop checking emails and just unplug? Imagine that your only texts are about what time to meet at the cabana for drinks. We hope you have the chance to enjoy an island getaway soon. Remember our Cino shirts are the easiest clothing to pack. No need to iron when you arrive. Cinos crinkle fabric is easy to wash in the hotel sink if you want to pack light. Just twist your clothing item and let it dry overnight. Itll be ready to be worn again the next day.

We hope you have the getaway youre wishing for soon!

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